Market Update – Year End 2019 Summary

When viewing data through yearend 2019 (a composite of single-family homes, attached homes, and single-family homesites), the Teton County Real Estate Market is noted to have reported a number of sales that is approximately 6% less in 2019 than that of the previous year. This change in volume is not viewed as a market contraction, rather a decrease that was fueled by a lack of inventory of available properties as the amount of active inventory available has decreased for the fifth straight year.  The continued and arguably increasing popularity of Teton County, combined with a tight inventory, has caused a continuation of the appreciation trend that been ongoing since shortly after the 2011 inflection point in the wake of the 2007-2009 recession. Observing sales and resales of the same or similar properties appreciation rates in the 6-10% range is most prevalent. Entry level homes had appeared to be beginning to plateau in price 2018. However, a stalemate between buyers and sellers seems to have been won by the sellers, with appreciation in this price segment making up for lost time and providing instances of mid-double-digit appreciation rates in 2019. 

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Data provided by Rocky Mountain Appraisals, Teton County’s leading valuation firm:

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