About Us

 Andrew Cornish, MAI, SRA

Owner, certified appraiser, and real estate broker, Andrew brings over 22 years of appraisal experience to the business he has been successfully building since 1994. Respected for his expertise and long-term local knowledge, particularly in the realm of commercial appraisal, Andrew consistently provides quality information and reliable service to his loyal base of customers. Please view my Appraisal Institute Member Page for more detailed information about my experience.

 Janell Ottobre, WY Certified Appraiser

With more than twenty years of professional experience in Jackson, Wyoming, Janell brought her background in real estate transactional law and her love for the area together into a real estate appraisal career. Janell has valued property for RMA since 2000 and works with both residential and commercial appraisals.

 Julie Smith, WY Certified Appraiser

Julie joined the RMA team in 2001 where she began working as a residential appraiser and has transitioned into commercial appraising. She enjoys outdoor activity and spending time with her young daughter.

  Stephen Barclay, WY Certified Appraiser

Stephen came to RMA as a fitness consultant and sprinkler specialist and has worked with RMA as a residential appraiser since 2003. He is the primary appraiser for RMA’s Idaho clients. Stephen is fluent in Spanish and enjoys snowboarding and spending time with his growing family.

  Allison Free, MAI

Allison graduated from the University of Wyoming with a B.S. in Finance. She transitioned through the banking and financial services industries, before joining the RMA team in 2006. Allison brings a strong background in finance to the organization. Allison’s primary focus is appraising commercial properties in both Wyoming and Idaho. Please view Allison’s Appraisal Institute Member Page for more information.

  Arlene Poling, Office Manager/Database Director

Arlene joined RMA in 1999 and works closely with the appraisers to finalize and deliver commercial reports. She also manages the database support team and employee matters. She has lived in Wyoming for over twenty years and enjoys reading, jet skiing, traveling, and cooking.

  Jenny Moulton, Database Support

Jenny joined the RMA team in 2004 and maintains the organization’s vast database of properties. A native of Teton Valley, Idaho, Jenny worked as the deputy assessor for five years in Teton County, Idaho. She spends her free time outdoors with her family.

Jenni Sireci, Office Support

Jenni joined RMA in 2008 to take over as the new office manager.  She keeps the front office, appraisers’ schedules, and the appraisal process running smoothly. She also handles Andrew’s other business ventures and personal matters.  From the Florida Keys, Jenni is getting used to Wyoming activities nicely.  She enjoys fishing, snowmobiling, spending time with her friends.